Open Positions

Product Manager

Mexico City

Product Manager with solid experience in managing web and mobile UI/UX design projects to join our team in Mexico City. We offer year-round remote work and a long-term career growth with an awesome and motivated team! This position reports directly to our COO.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our core values drive our company culture, our actions and the way we work together. We learn, grow and collaborate with a commitment to these six values:


Because we love what we do, we don’t wait to be told what to do. Constantly exploring, learning, and growing, our expertise and experience allow us to uncover opportunities, identify problems, develop effective solutions and proactively offer recommendations. We’re always looking for ways to advance and adapt.


We provide the right tools and ongoing support to empower everyone who works for and with us, ensuring that commitments and investments are reciprocated. Through proactive action and guidance, we instill confidence in all, so they feel ready to navigate each and every step of the process. Even if a misstep is made, we’ll empower and guide people back to the path of success through honest, respectful communication.


Given we have a distributed and remote team and our services require different skill sets, teamwork is our foundation for delivering high-quality services to our customers and allows us to learn from each other. We work with unwavering respect, open communication, and genuine collaboration.


We pride ourselves to be as transparent as possible with our team and clients. We don’t believe in double standards and we all follow and support the policies and agreements we have to govern and operate Geekbears. We strive to take data-driven decisions as unbiassed as possible to keep the well-being of our team.


We pride ourselves to be in the journey of streamlining our workflow and processes to be as efficient as possible. We are constantly identifying workflows that can be improved and optimized to save us time and resources. Ultimately, we know that this helps improve our lifestyles as we work smarter, not harder.


We are a result-driven team who aims to achieve milestones together and individually. We believe in measuring output, as opposed to input. We plan our roadmap to be result-driven and be deadline oriented. We measure different KPI’s and metrics to ensure we are operating well and achieving our goals.