Become a Geekbear

We don’t just help companies thrive
our remote employees flourish, too.

When you join our international business mobile app development company, you’ll start each workday feeling rewarded that you’re creating useful business applications and software solutions that help companies transform their business. If you’re looking to expand your experience in a fully remote and fast-paced role, apply for an open position today!

Open positons

Product Manager

(Mexico City)

Product Manager with solid experience in managing web and mobile UI/UX design projects to join our team in Mexico City. We offer year-round remote work and a long-term career growth with an awesome and motivated team! This position reports directly to our COO.

Bussines Development

(Bay Area and Mexico City)

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Our Core Values

Our core values drive our company culture, our actions and the way we work together. We learn, grow and collaborate with a commitment to these four values:

Team Work

Given we have a distributed and remote team and our services require different skill sets, teamwork is our foundation for delivering high-quality services to our customers and allowing us to learn from each other. We work with unwavering respect, open communication, and genuine collaboration.

To ensure our distributed team works cohesively and effectively, we expect our team to communicate clearly and thoroughly to provide essential clarity to everyone on the team.


We all claim ownership of our work and expertise, and we provide the right tools and ongoing support to empower everyone. Driven to make a meaningful impact through the work we do, we seek to ensure that everyone feels valued and engaged at all times.

Through proactive action and guidance, we instill confidence in all, so they feel ready to navigate each step of the process. Even if a misstep is made, we’ll guide people back to the path of success through honest, respectful communication.


Because we love what we do, we don’t wait to be told what to do. Our expertise and experience allow us to uncover opportunities, identify problems, develop solutions and proactively offer recommendations. We’re always looking for ways to advance and adapt.

Committed to our work, excited about technology, and driven by the impact of both, our team is motivated to tackle their responsibilities and contribute to our company’s and our clients’ growth. We take pride in our work and its quality.

Diversity and inclusion

Diverse ideas and people make our work more impactful. We enhance creativity with a team made up of international professionals with different backgrounds. Our client roster is the same — we’ve broken down barriers to help all kinds of companies.

Everyone is given a chance to share their expertise and ideas, and all are encouraged to seek out others with whom to brainstorm and discuss thoughts. We acknowledge we have a shared responsibility in creating a culture of respect and acceptance.