FAQ – Web Solutions

This section will answer many of the questions you might have about our web development services and our proposals.

Does your proposal includes e-commerce for all countries? ¿Osea can operate in two countries and have an independent inventory by country?

In this proposal we include an online store, where you can sell to any country worldwide. This can be configured in multiple languages. But it is only possible to have one currency due to payment type setting and a single inventory. Now with respect to independent inventory if you want to have two simultaneous online stores, each with its own domain and its own management, ideally creating two websites with different languages. .nl .com and another one this has advantages in terms of optimization SEO.

Can you make arrangements to accept payments online?

To include another payment method, you must complete this process with the supplier to avoid intermediaries. We only carry out the implementation with data that provides you with the bank or other suppliers. We handle as a payment method PayPal only providing us your email and PayPal api code that gives you.

Who makes the hosting?

We have a web server hosted with Bluehost. Basically the hosting we do on our web server.

Does the company that provides hosting the first year, are professionals?

Bluehost is a company with extensive knowledge of the subject and very professional, you can ensure that your website will have no problems once implemented on our web server your website will be online 99.9%.

Where the hosting after the first year ago?

You can renew us for the same cost per year.

If another company is taking into account migration?

If another company really is a bit complicated for resources using an e-commerce solutions and our web hosting also often offered by other companies it does not have support for plugins that we use. Our web server and is optimized for all types of website being a lower cost if you hire us. But in his case we can migrate the website once developed on our server.

Who takes care of the updates of templates and WordPress plugins? Is this included in the price?

Every so often we are dedicated to update our websites so we take care of the updates as we are confident that the update will not affect the web site compatibility issues.
This is included in the price.

What guarantees are valid for accessibility / uptime website?

How we mentioned above have a guarantee that your website will be online 99.9% of the time.

What are the guarantees for the speed of the website?

The speed is something that depends on many factors, such as the connection speed of the user, the user’s service provider, etc. Our websites have a considerable speed as you can see in our recent work www.geekbears.com/our-work However if the speed of the website is not enough for you, we can offer a solution for optimizing the website where we use the cache as a method for accelerating the site.

How you are fixed the backup website?

We can handle the backup option on the website, where you can configure how often the backup need to be made.

How is security managed webpage / security?

Our server has robust security and use PayPal as a payment method will not have greater vulnerabilities.

You have more questions?