Case Study:
Harvard DOORS

Case Study:
Harvard DOORS


Harvard Medical School of Psychiatry saw the opportunity to scale a physical program into a digital platform that could be made available to anyone who would benefit from it. Our design team explored the user needs based on existing data and defined the platform’s characteristics, always keeping the target user in mind. The platform has allowed the program to reach people from all around the country.

DOORS is a series of pragmatic and interactive lessons designed to develop functional skills for accessing and utilizing the promise of digital health.

Our Process

Discovery Phase

UX/UI Phase

Development Phase

Our Process

Discovery Phase

UX/UI Phase

Development Phase

Project Duration

6 months

80 screens

User Research

User research is the phase in which we start planning the project and do the research of all the information in order to make a vast analysis, synthesis and to create insights to solve the user’s needs. This is how we can provide optimal results that allow our customers make important business decisions and give them the confidence they need.

User Persona

Sarah Smith


  • Age: 32


  • Occupation: Marketing Manager

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing

  • Location: Urban

  • Marital status: Married

  • Sarah enjoys spending time with her friends and family but often finds it difficult to make time for herself due to her demanding work schedule.
  • She is passionate about mental health and wellness and believes that it is important to prioritize mental well-being as much as physical health.


  • Sarah is looking for an app that can give her quick access to mental health care without having to leave her office or home.
  • She wants an app that can provide her with options and access to qualified mental health professionals.
  • She values convenience, privacy, and a solution that fits her busy schedule.


  • Sarah struggles with anxiety and depression and has had a hard time finding a therapist that fits her needs.
  • She also finds it difficult to take time off work to attend appointments and is looking for an alternative solution that can fit her schedule.


  • Sarah seeks information from her friends and family and values their recommendations.


  • Sarah  is likely detail-oriented, and pragmatic.
  • She enjoys company and someone trustworthy, responsive, and communicative.


  • Sarah prefers to communicate via email and text message. She likes to have clear and concise information delivered to her in a timely manner

User Flow

User Flow reflects user’s progress from the launch of the application to the discovery of all functionalities in the app and doing some actions.

The Final Design

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