Joe Fajnor Joins Geekbears

In the past year we’ve done a lot of growing at Geekbears, and as we expand we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of the work that we offer. Sometimes that means keeping up to date on the newest trends in technology, and other times it means bringing on new talent to expand the toolkit that we can offer to our clients. Most recently we’re proud to announce the addition of Joe Fajnor to our team, who serves as our Lead UI/UX Designer on our mobile and web development projects!

Joe, a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, has years of experience in a wide range of creative fields including web and app design, animation, and illustration. Before joining us, he has honed his skills working with a number of startups and businesses to develop their online presence and launch a variety of MVPs. He was a consultant and mentor with Berkeley Innovation, a student-led design consultancy at UC Berkeley which partnered with budding businesses to provide design insight and strategy. In addition to this, he was the Lead Designer of the podcasting platform Snipgram, an app designed to help listeners share the moments of their favorite podcasts that matter to them.

While we have always made a commitment to the quality of our client’s sites, having Joe on our team full time allows us to offer each and every client a higher degree of quality when it comes to the layout and visual appeal of the site. Joe works directly with all of our clients to address how their new site will help further their mission by providing advice on content placement and addressing the implementation of branding.

As we continue to grow having Joe on our team also gives us the ability to help companies launch their MVPs. With his experience in app design and layout, we can provide startups and entrepreneurs with feedback and advice for their mockups, or work hand in hand with them to create flows and prototypes from scratch. Sometimes the hardest part of getting a product up and running is just jumping right into the nitty gritty of the research and layout, and with Joe on board we are able to help companies of any size do just that.

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