Fairy Dog Mama

Courtney Faulkner, the Founder and Operator of Fairy Dog Mama began working in the pet care industry in 2013. She was working at a positive reinforcement based daycare on the North Shore and loved working with dogs that had physical, mental, and emotional difficulties.

While she could only work with these dogs for a short amount of time, she believed that there was a need for better care outside of daycare. She started doing a few private dog walks and live-in care. However, the demand became much higher than she anticipated, and so she created the Fairy Dog Mama in 2016.

What We Did

UI/UX Desing, WordPress Development

What They Said

Lee Futcher / Manager at Fairy Dog Mama

The Team at Geekbears are extremely loyal and fair. They complete jobs with a high degree of professionalism and have unmatched attention to customer service. I have always had a positive experience with them and continue to use them for everything web related. Thanks Geekbears!

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