Synchronize Hub

We aim to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Life Below Water by increasing accessibility and enhancing a sense of community among the plastic pollution network.

The stronger the network, the faster we find solutions for the impact of marine debris and plastic contamination on human health, the environment, food security, and socio-economic systems.

By facilitating partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge and ideas, Synchronize’s mission is to enhance the global plastic pollution network.


What We Did

UI/UX Desing, WordPress Development

What They Said

Pear Poolvaraluk / Founder at Synchronize Hub

My co-founder and I have been working with Geekbears for 3-4 months now, and I practically regard them as members of my own team. Their patience and transparency have made it easy for me to voice my questions, concerns, etc. Not only are my partner and I both non-technical university students, but also we live in different time zones. Marcos has also been extremely understanding of our financial constraints (as university students), and has kept that in mind throughout the process by adopting a lean approach for every stage. He shows great empathy to our situation by going the extra mile to reduce the cost of implementing each feature of our website.

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