YourTime was founded because we understand that time is your most valuable commodity, but that sometimes there’s not enough of it in the day. We label ourselves a time-savings concierge company because our passion is to come up with creative ways to improve people's’ lives by saving them unnecessarily wasted time. Our first mission is to help the 9-to-5 employee get routine errands done during the workday without actually leaving work so they can truly enjoy their free time after work and on the weekends.


What We Did

UI/UX Design, MEAN Stack Development

What They Said

Keith Boone / CEO at YourTime

We have been working with Geekbears for almost a year now to get our brand new business off the ground and have now successfully launched. They have been patient through all steps of the web development process as we are very much learning as we go. We gave them a half completed website from another developer and they’ve been able to finish the job, including correcting any mistakes from the previous developer and their own along the way. We’ve had general ideas of what we want and they have been able to help us shape those ideas into a functional reality as well as offering up their own ideas along the way. They’ve been even more critically important for the technical things we need like hosting, security, and a dev site. We look forward to working with Geekbears as our business needs continue to grow.

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