Geekbears is a full service web and mobile development agency with a specialized team of designers and engineers to help your ideas become a reality. Whether you’re defining your minimum viable product, or already up and running, we’re using technology to problem solve and help our clients create the best products possible.

We take the time to understand each project fully, and tailor our services to your needs. Using the latest technologies, we develop web and mobile applications, design seamless user experiences, and help clients refine their brand messaging through copywriting and digital marketing consultation.

UI/UX Design

Good design is a crucial part of any digital experience, and an efficient interface covers the gap between the human brain and the product you offer. We create delightful user experience based on behavioral patterns and human centered design principles while adhering to the Human Interface Guidelines. Not only is it critical to create visual harmony, but to ensure that visitors know how to find what they’re looking for and never run into a point of frustration or confusion. By the time we wrap development, your users will be greeted by an interface that is simple, intuitive and efficient.

Web Development

We employ MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js), WordPress, AWS and many other technologies to create the best architecture for each web development project we take on. We pride ourselves on the stability and scalability of our web apps, and continue shipping clients new features as they grow.

Mobile Development

Let our engineering team develop an iOS or Android mobile app that will engage your users and comply with the platform’s best practices. We use Flutter, Firebase and AWS among other technologies to build customizable, user friendly applications, and support our clients with quality assurance and new features along the way.

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