We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and strive to meet and exceed every clients’ expectations. We take a collaborative approach to each project, and understand that every client brings their own experiences, strengths, and weaknesses to the table. Our personal, tailored service has earned us a myriad of accolades and dozens of reviews.
  • Keith Boone / CEO at YourTime

    We have been working with Geekbears for almost a year now to get our brand new business off the ground and have now successfully launched. They have been patient through all steps of the web development process as we are very much learning as we go. We gave them a half completed website from another developer and they’ve been able to finish the job, including correcting any mistakes from the previous developer and their own along the way. We’ve had general ideas of what we want and they have been able to help us shape those ideas into a functional reality as well as offering up their own ideas along the way. They’ve been even more critically important for the technical things we need like hosting, security, and a dev site. We look forward to working with Geekbears as our business needs continue to grow.

  • Kevin Lamanna / Principal at Monday Loves You

    Geekbears has been a tremendous partner on a challenging project with an extremely aggressive timeline. We were treated as partners, which is the ultimate quality we look for in our relationships. I trust this group, and have felt 100% supported during every phase of the project!

  • Tyler Bowle / Manager at Cerebain Biotech

    The Team at Geekbears are extremely loyal and fair. They complete jobs with a high degree of professionalism and have unmatched attention to customer service. I have always had a positive experience with them and continue to use them for everything web related. Thanks Geekbears!

  • Jan Beekly / Founder at Amerimems

    It’s been a pleasure working with the talented Geekbears, who recently developed a website for me. What I needed was complicated, but the Geekbears team has met every challenge promptly and capably. As a non-techie, I appreciate their patience and ability/willingness to explain things, and no US developer I looked at could beat their price by a long shot. From my experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Geekbears for website development.

  • Pablo U. / Founder at Wberry

    Geekbears have been exceptional at meeting expectations from their work (and sometimes going even above expectations). They understand the limits of our own technical understanding and are keen on finding solutions that work from a technical and business perspective. It is this attention to the clients’ own limitations (technical and others) that make working with Geekbears so pleasant.

  • Gabriela Brena / Founder at Learning Planet

    Geekbears helped me in building my companie’s page: learningplanetedu.com . They helped me come up with a solid idea to bring my business online. They walk me through the process of designing the page, coming up with features, and give ideas to bring more traffic to my website. As a result, I have obtained several leads/clients from the website. They are transparent with the way they work and put themselves in the client’s shoes. I recommend them without any hesitation.

  • Sasha Froyland / Founder at Help4Access, the Nation's Best Microsoft Access Consultants

    A++. And I’m not easy to please...Geekbears is a fantastic company and I am lucky to have such a highly professional team as a valued partner...we’ve completed over $10,000 of work with Geekbears without a single glitch.

  • Justine Shapiro / Manager at viaJustine & Academy Award Nominee

    Marcos and his team of designers and builders came through on every deadline, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the site achieved my goals. Geekbears is the perfect name for this company comprised of patient, skillful geeks who are as loyal as one’s favorite teddy bear.

  • Ake Onimaru / Owner at Toss Noodle Bar

    I had the great pleasure working with Geekbears last summer in creating my restaurant’s website. Throughout the process, Geekbears were professional, courteous, and patient... I would definitely recommend any business small/local or big to hire them.

  • Gil Duran / Co-Founder with George Lakoff at FrameLab & Former Secretary of Press for Jerry Brown

    We used Geekbears to design and launch our small business website. Marcos and Aldo were great - organized and responsive at every step of the process. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for similar services.

  • Usha Sekar / Founder / CEO at Meemli

    I’ve worked with Marcos and the Geekbears team through a couple of different iterations of our website now and have always had a great experience with them. They have a rare quality for an outsourcing team – they want you to have the best results even if it means changing what they’ve done. They are highly communicative and responsive, and are very professional in everything they do. Their most recent project was setting up new functionality on our website and interfacing with our app, both of which were new to them, but they learned what needed to be done and got it implemented quickly. I’d definitely reach out to them for future projects!

  • Donald Lawton / Founder at Playa Apps

    Geekbears delivers outstanding quality web apps while being very cost effective for my business. I highly recommend them!

  • Pear Poolvaraluk / Founder at Synchronize Hub

    My co-founder and I have been working with Geekbears for 3-4 months now, and I practically regard them as members of my own team. Their patience and transparency have made it easy for me to voice my questions, concerns, etc. Not only are my partner and I both non-technical university students, but also we live in different time zones. Marcos has also been extremely understanding of our financial constraints (as university students), and has kept that in mind throughout the process by adopting a lean approach for every stage. He shows great empathy to our situation by going the extra mile to reduce the cost of implementing each feature of our website.

  • Erin La Ninfa / Manager at Le Petit Cochon

    Marcos and his team were amazing to work with! They were punctual, patient, available and made me feel involved heavily in the process. The turnaround time for all steps along the way was quick and efficient. The team went out of their way to physically show up to review things with me, and were always the utmost professional. I would gladly use them for all my websites in the future!

  • Mebs Chhagan / Founder at RepelZika

    These guys are very professional and competent. They also price their services really well. They produced a very responsive and well designed website for us.

  • Puneet Bhardwaj / Founder at VedicScholar

    This company has been everything that you would wish from your software development company. Very friendly, very helpful, very flexible and very talented. I started with them with a small project and now doing major development with them. If you need absolutely professional web development company with no headaches then this is where your search ends. I have become a lifetime customer with them.

  • Daniel King / Founder at YourTime

    I only have great things to say about Geekbears as they were an integral part of helping us get our business off the ground. Our website was the most crucial part of our business model and Geekbears helped us not only with executing our ideas but adding much-needed guidance to our vision. From just an idea to a business we have now been successfully operating for 7 months, these guys made it happen and continue to help us optimize.

  • Kayla Swift / Owner at Kayla Swift

    I have been working with Geekbears for about 2 years now and their service is fantastic. They created a beautiful website, and have maintained it perfectly throughout my changing career. Geekbears process is easy, reasonably priced and reliable. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great and easy service.

  • Heloine Moreno / Owner at Heloine Moreno

    Geekbears has been very professional since the first time I hired their services to build my model website heloinemoreno.com They helped with all the details that I needed and Marcos was kind and professional when answering my questions via phone calls. I highly recommend their services and I am still a client that keeps using Geekbears to update and renew my website. Thanks a lot!

  • Sumit Gupta / Owner at Grad Theorem

    The Geekbears’ team were very professional and courteous during the tenure of the project. The team is full of bright and technically proficient people. This is a great team and recommend them wholeheartedly.

  • Dominica Hroncova / Owner at DH Studies

    Geekbears took my study abroad agency to the next level. Now I get online leads from my website. Students get in contact with me more often and it has been a very good investment for our company. I recommend these guys!

  • Scott McCoy / Manager at FreeHouse

    I found the team at Geekbears to be very responsive and helpful. They provided us with the tools to actively update our page whenever we needed.

  • Adam Pitzler / Owner at Adam Pitzler

    Geekbears was extremely helpful getting my website set up. I’m a writer, and they catered the site to my needs. Their in-house support system has also helped me continue to keep the page fresh – through simple email requests. The Geekbears team are top notch!

  • Francisco Malagamba / Owner at Brena y Asociados

    They developed a fairly robust app. I was surprised at the level of expertise that has Geekbears. In addition, they are super friendly and want you to learn during the process, which I think is great.

  • Kate Robards / Owner at Kate Robards

    The Geekbears team is wonderful. I’m an artist, performer, comedian, and writer. Tech and websites are not my wheelhouse so it’s been great to pass it off to him. Geekbears seriously took all of the guesswork and decision making off my shoulders. I am able to send them changes as needed and the update the site in a speedy manner. Thank you to Geekbears for helping me focus on what I do! Hire them to help your website!

  • Lee Futcher / Manager at Fairy Dog Mama

    The Team at Geekbears are extremely loyal and fair. They complete jobs with a high degree of professionalism and have unmatched attention to customer service. I have always had a positive experience with them and continue to use them for everything web related. Thanks Geekbears!

  • Justine Shapiro / Manager at viaJustine

    Geekbears is the perfect name for this company comprised of patient, skillful Geeks who are as loyal as one’s favorite Teddy Bear. Marcos and his team of designers (the amazing Joe) and builders (the wonderful Aldo and Eder) came through on every deadline, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the site achieved my goals. This website represents a new entrepreneurial direction for me and Marcos was able to support my goals by offering excellent business advice as well as contacts to his fellow UC students for help with some of the leg work.

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