Case Study:

Case Study:


The Treads experience was designed and developed considering the user needs related to their vehicle’s tires. In collaboration with the stakeholders, the main features were identified and developed to launch an MVP of the platform. 

Treads is a monthly subscription for users vehicle tires. The tire purchasing experience has been redesigned to increase convenience and safety.

Our Process

Discovery Phase

UX/UI Phase

Development Phase

Our Process

Discovery Phase

UX/UI Phase

Development Phase

Project Duration


50+ screens

User Research

User research is the phase in which we start planning the project and do the research of all the information in order to make a vast analysis, synthesis and to create insights to solve the user’s needs. This is how we can provide optimal results that allow our customers make important business decisions and give them the confidence they need.

User Persona

Sam Williams


  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Construcion Worker
  • Family Status: Married with 2 kids
  • Sam is a 35-year-old construction worker living in an urban area with his family. He is a tech-savvy person and likes to shop online.
    Jason is the only earning member of his family and has a limited budget for his expenses.


  • Sam’s job requires him to travel a lot, and he wants to ensure that his vehicle is always in good condition. He wants to buy high-quality tires that are durable and can withstand the rough terrains he has to drive on. He wants to save money on tire purchases and get good deals on tire packages.


  • He has limited knowledge about tire brands, types, and sizes.

  • He has a limited budget for tire purchases.

  • He is concerned about the safety of his family while driving on rough terrains.

  • He finds it difficult to find good deals on tire packages.

  • He has to spend a lot of time searching for the right tires for his vehicle.


  • Sam is influenced by his family’s safety and well-being.
  • He also values the opinion of his friends and family and often seeks their advice on major purchases.


  • Sam is a busy and practical person.
  • He values convenience and time management, which is why he often relies on technology to simplify her life.
  • He is always looking for the best deals and is very cautious about his expenses.


  • Sam prefers to shop online for tires as it saves him time and effort. He also likes to read online reviews and product specifications before making a purchase.

User Flow

User Flow reflects user’s progress from the launch of the application to the discovery of all functionalities in the app and doing some actions.

The Final Design

Sign Up Platform

Schedule Screen

Schedule Screen

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