UI/UX Design

Technological Knowledge

Good design is a crucial part of any website or app experience. It’s critical to ensure that there is not only visual harmony, but that visitors understand how to find what they are looking for and never run into a point where they are confused.
By following Human-Centered Design principles and taking the time to understand both our clients and their users, we at Geekbears ensure that by the time development has wrapped anyone who uses your website or app will have no issues navigating and finding exactly what they need.

Our Experience

For YSV, a school in New York, we designed a tablet application that would enable them to streamline their after school carpool que. Before jumping right into the designs, we made sure to ask questions about a normal day at the carpool que and some typical pain points to create a solution that fit their exact needs.

The Team Members


Joseph Fajnor

UC Berkeley ‘18

Lead UI/UX Designer0


Parina Gujral

UC Berkeley ‘18

UI/UX Designer0

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