Website Solutions For Study Abroad Agencies

Web services and solutions for your Study Abroad Agency

Get contacted by students and show the world your study abroad agency through a modern and cool website.  Have school profiles with photos, videos, maps, brochures, prices and more of all the schools you represent. Chat with your website visitors and answer all their study-abroad questions.

  • Student Registrations

    • Accept Student Registrations
    • Manage Student Profiles
    • Receive Enquires
    • Accept Online Payments
    • Customizable Reminders

  • Information

    • Office hours
    • Visa information
    • Upcoming Events
    • About your Agency
    • Contact page with Map

  • Schedule

    • Schedule Appointments
    • Manage Deadlines
    • Invitation for Info Sessions
    • Calendar
    • Receive E-mail confirmations

  • Quotation System

    • Multi-Option Quotes
    • Update Prices
    • Send Invoices
    • Create Dynamic Quotes
    • Centralized School Database

  • School profiles

    • School Photos & Vidos
    • Tuition Fees
    • Google Maps
    • Contact Form
    • Search Engine

  • News

    • News section
    • Student Testimonials
    • School of the week
    • Visa updates
    • Study Abroad Blog



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