9 Tools to Research a Software Development Agency

Creating a SaaS product requires an investment of both time and money — don’t waste either by picking the wrong software development agency. Make sure you select the right partner by thoroughly researching your shortlist of agencies. We recommend using these nine tools to review clients’ feedback.

Research your selected software development agencies using these eight tools.

1. Clutch

Driven by data, clutch will allow you to get unbiased reviews of more than 150,000 agencies across 500 categories, including SaaS product development. Boasting verified reviews and in-depth analyses of companies and services, this tool will help you make a confident decision when picking a vendor.

2. Google

While we often use Google Reviews for restaurants and attractions, professional services companies also acquire customer feedback on this platform. Be sure to check to see if the agency you’re considering has any Google Reviews. Doing a simple Google search of the agency’s name can also manifest insightful information, including press coverage, awards and involvement in the industry.

3. UpCity

With each review being validated by the UpCity team, you can rest assured that you’re making decisions based on real client feedback. This platform also ranks companies based on a proprietary algorithm to help whittle down your search and offers comprehensive information about their work, fees, awards and clients.

4. CrowdReviews

While CrowdReviews tends to focus on testimonials and feedback for various software tools, it also provides insights into software and app development agencies. Businesses that provide positive client experiences and garner positive reviews get ranked the highest within CrowdReviews, leaving you with unbiased, community-driven information about vendors.

5. Agency Vista

You can explore more than 35,000 verified agency profiles and client reviews on Agency Vista to find the right agency to develop your SaaS product. In addition to client feedback, you’ll be able to assess agencies by reviewing their achievements, portfolios and teams on this platform.

6. Sort List

Using your SaaS product’s specific requirements as a basis for filtering agencies, you can use Sort List to ensure your vendor meets your company’s needs while also accessing up-to-date vendor information. With this tool, agencies are rated by clients and then sorted by Sort List.

7. Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter can help entrepreneurs, startup founders and enterprise professionals like you find the right software development agency in a few simple steps. Search more than 15,500 agencies across 42 specialties to create a shortlist that allows you to analyze reviews and start conversations.

8. Good Firms

Good Firms allows you to access authenticated reviews from customers and accurate information for more than 9,000 software companies and software-related vendors. As of 2020, this tool has helped more than 160,000 businesses find the right software service companies and products.

9. UpWork

UpWork is also a great tool to use to find an agency, as you can confidently choose one using the platform’s ratings and reviews, and it’s worth looking to see if a selected agency already has a presence on the platform. Geekbears is a top-rated agency on UpWork, which is a reflection of reliability and quality of work.

The importance of reading a software development agency’s reviews

Use these tools to ensure that you pick the right software development agency for your SaaS product. It’s important to understand the performance of the agency you’re working with prior to committing to a contract, because it’s hard to back out if you determine it’s the wrong fit once you’ve signed an agreement. It’s also beneficial to familiarize yourself with the team and the industries in which the agency has experience to ensure you’re selecting an agency with the right talent and one that understands your customers’ needs.

At Geekbears, a few comments are consistently made in our clients’ reviews. Many of our clients mention a commitment to partnership, as we work closely with them every step of the way. Instead of wasting time waiting for direction, we routinely take initiative based on clear goals and set expectations. Other clients often talk about our dedication to the work, emphasizing that we work diligently to ensure that their SaaS product is a success and speaking to our proactive nature in offering guidance and advice throughout the process.

As a top-rated agency, we encourage you to read our reviews first. Then, let’s work together to create an elevated SaaS product for your customers.