Becoming Geekbears: Our Company Rebrand

When you see the logo of a company - what are your first thoughts? Next time you open Google or Facebook take a second to look inwards and ponder what it is you’re feeling. Because the fact is that logo and those colors were painstakingly...

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viaJustine: A Collaboration Across Worlds

Helping businesses create a website that they are proud of is an extremely rewarding experience. Elevating a product or service with a website is a nearly essential part of owning a business in today’s economy. That’s why we were extremely excited when we had the...

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Summer Springboard Class

The Importance of Listening in Product Design

We at Geekbears recently gave a presentation at Summer Springboard, a summer intensive for teenagers looking to explore opportunities in tech. In it, we talked about the power of empathy when it comes to building apps and products, and how creating something great takes more...

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